Fitness & Weight Loss

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Gritty, no nonsense workouts in a superbly equipped gym where an urban feel meets an encouraging family ethos to keep you motivated and get the most from your exercise.


Boxing style training with some technique work


Varied exercises to get your heart rate up


Movement and stretching to get tone

Highly qualified and experienced boxing trainers take you through a hard working fat blasting workout. Expect high enjoyment, great results and an enhancement of your technique.

A combination of stations working your upper body, lower body and core, whilst giving you a cardio workout. Why waste time on the treadmill and doing weights when you can do both at once?

One to One with some of the finest coaches in the Northwest to help you focus on your goals from weight loss, lifting, strength and conditioning. What ever your goals are for the year, the Hub PT’s will help you achieve them.

Conditioning & Strength Training

Sign up for intensive classes that will push and challenge you in the best way, with teamwork and group effort.


The ultimate fat burning workout


A one of a kind workout


A belief in fitness

StrongWoman / StrongMan training is for anyone who wishes to push themselves to their limits and beyond. Expect heavy sled pushes, battling ropes, tyre flips, gym hammers, farmers walk, bar and deadlifts.

Using the latest equipment such as battle ropes, kettle bells, power bags, TRX and even a tractor tyre, we will guide and encourage you through a session of high impact and a highly enjoyable workout. A bit of everything, where you never know what you are going to get.

Broad, general and inclusive fitness, where the specialty is not specialising; perfect for any committed individual regardless of experience. Weights, pull-ups and dips, rings and boxes, rowers all combine to workouts that, at their most intensive, can tax the capacities of even the best athletes.

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